Things Not To Do In Abroad Countries 2021



Things Not To Do In Abroad Countries 2021

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                                              China launches 'Clean Your Plate Campaign': Is it facing food crisis?

Do not give a clock or umbrella as a gift .When eating in certain regions of China it’s okay if your eyes are bigger than your stomach. It’s sometimes considered rude to eat everything on your plate, as it indicates that you have not been fed adequately enough. Always show to leave a little food behind for your total fulfillment. On the subject of food, contrary to urban legend, it’s not customary to belch to show your satisfaction at the food. In the past, when food was scarce, showing you were full to the point of burping was a sign of the host’s wealth. But those days are gone. Why not instead try a thank-you card?DO NOT FINISH YOUR PLATE IN CHINA .


                         Japan & The Art of Etiquette - Kesari Blog

DO NOT LEAVE TIPS .This next one which including 20 amazing things-which you never should do in other countries might be hard to get your head around, but you shouldn’t tip in Japan. No matter what types of service or maybe exceptional, but Japanese people consider this standard to be typical. So offering a gratuity is not necessary. Okay, you won’t necessarily offend someone’s sensibilities if you tip, but you should definitely avoid pointing. It’s rude to point at someone in Japan as this is a gesture that is usually directed towards objects rather than people. And while on the subject of Japan, although it’s not illegal to engage in PDA on the streets, it is a faux pas to kiss amorously in public or hugs for too long. So save those long goodbye kisses to the hotel room.

Things Not To Do In Abroad Countries 2021


                                 7 Laws You Should Know About Singapore - My Breaking Views

Do not eat on public transit.Despite what’s claimed, it’s not illegal to chew chewing gum Singapore, even after 1992. law passed which was designed to counter the amount of chewing gum being dropped in public places, the treat was not altogether outlawed. Instead, buying and selling. it is illegal and punishable with a fine of up to $1,000. But, the Act ( Control of Manufacture )still allows tourists to bring two packs into the country. So you’d better make it count. But if you’re looking for another foodstuff to enjoy when in Singapore, you should knowthat you’re also not allowed to take the pungent tropical fruit durian on public transport. Bringing the fruit, which tastes like heaven, smells like hell, on a bus or train, carries a fine of up to $5,000.This pride in public spaces means you are also not allowed to feed pigeons. This avoids population growth and reduces the amount of poop to clean. Two men, a 62-year-old and a 68-year-old, were fined 400 and $1,500 respectively for breaking this law this year.DO NOT BUY CHEWING GUM .



If you are planning to court a girl in Ukraine, remember the custom they have when giving flowers and don’t present the woman you’re courting with an even number of flowers, so a dozen roses is definitely out of the question. In addition, do not give flowers that are yellow as it is considered a color of separation and are used in funerals. Instead, take note that feminism is a bit behind in Ukraine, and being a gentleman, such as opening the door, pouring the wine, or holding a woman’s hand when assisting her will be appreciated. Going “Dutch” is definitely a no-no, as the guy is supposed to pay for everything on a date.


                         Is It Rude to Toast With Beer in Hungary? – Risky or Not?

DO not clink glasses when giving a toast.Thanks to an urban legend about Austrian generals allegedly clinking their beer glasses to celebrate the execution of the 13 Martyrs of Arad in 1849, Hungarians don’t clink their glasses together when saying ‘cheers’. While the unofficial ban expired in 1999, many still uphold the tradition. Visitors are encouraged to do the same.

Things Not To Do In Abroad Countries 2021


                                 Money in France

DO NOT TALK OR ASK ABOUT MONEY it is more taboo than talking about SEX.

Talking about money is a huge faux pas in French culture. And by asking about someone’s job, it can be taken as being nosy about how much money they make. There is a strong Catholic influence on the country’s overall attitude toward wealth, and flashiness or obvious displays of money aren’t appreciated. French people also rarely consider work the most interesting thing about them, and it’s not uncommon to spend a whole evening with someone and not discuss their job.


3 Ways to Speak With an Irish Accent - wikiHow

DO NOT TRY TO IMITATE AN IRISH ACCENT.Unless you’ve been living here for some time or have a magical knack for imitation, your Irish accent will most likely be appalling. We’re well able to take a ribbing and some banter but don’t mistake self-deprecation for a lack of pride. Don’t ask us about your distant ancestors: we definitely don’t have the answers! And please, everybody, leave those leprechaun hats in the souvenir shops where they belong!

But if you ask politely, you’ll find most Irish people surprisingly open to talking about the controversial topics of the day like the political situation in Northern Ireland. As a small nation with a complex history and politics, we don’t like being misunderstood so we’re usually happy to give our perspective if we’re being treated with respect.

Things Not To Do In Abroad Countries 2021

8.NORWAY:European churches easing back into live worship | United Methodist News Service

DO NOT ASK ABOUT GOING TO CHURCH. Don’t ask people what church they attend. Most attend none, and asking this is seen as intrusive, rude and downright weird.According to the journalists at Business Insider, asking the inhabitants of Norway about their religion is considered rude. However if you were to ask, you would get an indifferent answer. The truth is, most of us don’t really care.


Ojo's World: Does it make me selfish!?

DO NOT GIVE BIRTHDAY WISHES BEFORE DAY:In Germany, mentioning someone’s birthday before the date is bad luck. If your German friends are nice enough to give you a birthday present, don’t open it until your actual day – or at least don’t tell them you opened it before your actual birthday.

10.INDIA :

20 Amazing things- You Should Never Do in Other Countries

DO NOT USE YOUR LEFT HAND IN INDIA.You never think about what hand you use for what but in India you need to. Never pass Food, Money or shake with your left hand. It’s believed that our left hand is used for all things bathroom-related. So it’s very easy to see where this comes from. In this same country, we should also prepare for another custom, queue jumping. As queues are a Western construct, it’s jump or be jumped in the wildly long lines of India.

Things Not To Do In Abroad Countries 2021

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